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A suivre sur ce blog, si vous lisez en anglais !

— Brand new things on that blog, new head (again) & new words in English ! —

Deeply in need of practicing English, I have decided to write some posts here in English. Hope it will bring some readers and exchanges from abroad.

I’ve studied English at University (now it seems ages ago) and did a master in linguistics.

For years I spent summer in England, Ireland to practice and try to improve my skills.

When I worked for the “regional nature parks” (in a past life), I used to go every summer in England to take part in a bird fair (I learnt plenty names of birds that I have totally forgotten since obviously)

I used to read a lot in English too, first classics, then contemporary authors.

Now I deeply miss that.

Speaking English has always been more difficult than reading and listening/understanding for me, now I ‘ve got the feeling that I’m losing everything.

When I hear people speaking English, I realize that I cannot understand everything and most of it, I feel very nostalgic of that time.

So, time for good resolution, I could try to take part in conversation groups, but it is not really manageable with my diary so I have decided to try to read in English again and write. It starts from here and now.

(Please excuse my mistakes and flaws, it feels really awkward to me to write in English, hope it will get easier soon)

I know for sure which novel I’m going to read, but I’ve got to wait until November (I’ve read all Jonathan Coe’s books in English)

“Jonathan is delighted to announce that his new novel Number 11: or, Tales that Witness Madness is now complete and will be published by Penguin on the 11th November (the 11th of the 11th, in fact). It is a contemporary, satirical novel set in Britain during the years 2003-2015. Some characters reappear from What a Carve Up! as the novel examines the continued influence of the Winshaw family and their heirs on the political and cultural life of the nation.” (from Coe’s website)

And I know the next post I’m going to write will be about Jonathan Coe’s previous novel that I’ve read in English “expo 58”


Ici et là, des livres, des mots sur tout et rien. Et des livres, encore et toujours.


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